Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stars Bars & Guitars RECAP

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sparky Tried Out for American Idol!

    It was a long hot stressful day waiting for Sparky's turn to audition for American Idol here in Reno. We didn't get much sleep last night in anticipation for today. We got there a little after 7am, signed in and got in line. After awhile the American Idol people were doing some "production" prior to the auditions with the cheerleaders from UNR some some cheers getting everybody all psyched.

   One of the producers talked on a fairly small megaphone instructing everybody on what's gonna happen. We had a hard time hearing him due to people around us keep talking. So, after the guy stops talking for a bit, Cliff walks over to the guy and asks what he said. In a much shorter version he explained how the line was. The line was a "snake", but people seem to think the can flash mob to the front, even though the producer said, "no cutting in line".   

    After a few hours of standing in line under the oh so hot sun, Sparky made it to the front of the line and played "Old Red" by Blake Shelton for another producer. How did it go? Well...Sparky didn't make the cut. They said he has a good voice, but he's not what they are looking for...(mostly young skinny girls showing lots of skin, based on who was getting a "golden ticket"). There were a lot of other local players that can sing that got turned down as well. Naturally, we are kinda bummed about Sparky not making the cut, but its not gonna keep us from performing not only here Reno/Sparks, but other places as well. We're gonna keep chasing that "Neon Rainbow" living that Honky Tonk dream.