Monday, May 2, 2016

Evelyn Mount Tribute 4-30-16

Sunday, May 3, 2015

VLOG: Nami Walk 2015


With the band being complete once again(Shadow is back), and having a much needed band meeting. We have decided to return as a Rock & Roll band with some other genres sneaked in here and there. Our primary genre has always been Rock & Roll and it will continue to be so. We have a couple new Hendrix covers we're working on. We are also working on some new originals.

Since we all haven't played together in quite awhile, we are rusty and not synced up like we used to be. With lots of practice and having a happier vibe, our timing as a band is improving. We are already playing some open mics and booking some "bar gigs".

This whole band thing is an adventure with its ups, downs and all arounds. TRB is not the only band with "behind the scenes" drama. Every band that you like has it's problems, but work them out and put on a kick ass show. As mom says, "it's like herding kittens". lol

Anyways, we look forward to Rocking your face off and melting your eardrums once again. Break times over, back to work! \m/